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Hello I own my own excavation company and I have been in business well over 20 years now. I offer several services including Ponds, Timber Clearing, House Pads/Foundations, Demolition, Land Leveling, Stump Removal, Trash/Debris Roundup, Fence Row Clearing and Demolition/Haul Off. I do Commercial and Private Work and everything I do is done right the first time. Check out the pictures of my work and you will see that I go above and beyond to make sure I leave your place looking top notch no matter what I am doing. I cover the entire OKC Metro Area, but willing to travel Statewide for the right job.

POND BUILDING- I specialize in building ponds and of all the services offered, this is my personal favorite. I build ponds that turn heads and are extremely unique. I put creativity into ever pond I build that is unmatched by others and I don't charge extra for it. My ponds are dug deep to outlast the Oklahoma droughts when they occur. I can build ponds with different designs including: Islands, Sunken Islands, Deep Holes, Channels, Shallows, Bluffs, and Various Elevation Changes that Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Crappie and Perch thrive in. I am very knowledgeable in all areas and can refer you to a local fish farm that can go over your stocking options. I build each with as much character as possible and try to out-do myself on each one. When I build ponds I am going for the "Wow Factor". Let me build you a pond that you can be proud of. I don't just come in and dig you a hole, I build GREAT PONDS. My ponds can dramatically increase your property value and I try to give you twice as much pond as you pay for with all the bells and whistles. You would be surprised at the kind of pond you can get in 1-2 weeks. I have had folks with recently purchased property relocate their future home spot to overlook their new pond because they had know idea it was going to be so beautiful. My ponds will be the centerpiece of your property and envy of your neighbors. If you want a pond that you can be proud of give me a call. Check out my prices remember that I don't charge extra for creativity.

LAND CLEARING- Just like my ponds I go all out on my land clearing service. I can clear 1 acre or 1,000. I can do total clearing or come in and remove the small trees, underbrush and debris creating a "Park Like" setting that will allow the mature trees to fill out. I take pride in everything I do and can transform unusable/uninhabitable property into a beautiful place that provides a perfect mix of shade and green grass with a touch of serenity. I create dirt free burn piles with the timber and offer haul off as well. Others just push the trees into large dirt mixed piles that will not burn. My work is extremely clean and I offer to burn the piles myself. Not many offer to do this because of the high percentage of dirt they put in the pile. You don't realize it until they are long gone and your left with a large un-burnable pile of debris that will never go away. I will not do this to you. Not everyone that knows how to operate a dozer knows how to clear land leaving it neat, clean and sod or grass seed ready. Don't waste your time paying full price for an inexperienced operator to come out and leave you unsatisfied or even upset at what they have done to your property. My customers are always extremely happy afterwards and I am happy for them. I know the value of a dollar and try to give you as much as I can in the time allowed. I am easy to work with and will treat your property with respect. I offer FREE ESTIMATES.

DIRT HOUSE PADS, SHOPS, BARNS, LAND LEVELING- I build house pads with proper compaction and all drainage issues pre thought out. I use lasers to ensure the pad is built on grade. I can use the material on your property to build your pad or haul dirt in at a fair price if needed. My pads are built solid and I scalp the entire area around the pad removing all stumps and debris so that it is sod or grass seed ready.

SUB DIVISIONS, ROADS, DRIVEWAYS, PARKING LOTS- I can build private roads into your property. I can bring in gravel as needed. I also do commercial work for businesses. I can build roads over creeks, swamps, or any type of terrain you may have.

FENCE ROW CLEARING- I have cleared many miles of fence rows and property lines, Again I create clean burnable brush piles with the debris. and I cut a perfect line through the trees that is clean enough to pass for a road afterwards.

DEMOLITION/ DEBRIS HAUL OFF/SWIMMING POOL FILL IN AND REMOVAL- I have the ability to remove Homes, Shops, Barns or any type of Large Dilapidated Structures. I often get calls asking if I do Swimming Pool Removal and Fill In's. I am extremely efficient and cheaper than the pool companies. Most pool companies only install pools but are not set up for removal. The few that do are extremely expensive and I can usually beat those prices

Check out some pictures of my work and if you like what you see, give me a call for a free estimate. My process is very simple. Give me a call, I come out and check out your project and listen in detail to your needs, agree on a price, set a start date. I am honest and will give you a fair price that doesn't change at the end. 

(405) 275-9068

dozer, dirt work, excavation, demolition, clearing

Michael's Dirty Deeds, in Central Oklahoma is a full service family owned and operated dirt work and bulldozer service. We specialize in home and building pad sites, pond (tank) builds and repairs, roads and driveways and every sort of land clearing  service out there. 

We have 20 years of experience in and around Central Oklahoma, and we’d love to have the chance to gain your business and show you why we’re the #1 dirt work and dozer service in Central Oklahoma.


Lets Get Started..


*Build Ponds

*Expand Existing Ponds

*Clear Out & Rebuild Ponds

*Repair Dams


Dirt Work
Dirt Work

*Sewage Lagoons

*Clearing Brush & Trees

*Build Roads & Driveways

*Install Drainage Ditches

*Clear Fence Lines

House and Building Pads
building pad, house pad


*House Pad

*Shop or Barn Pad

Residential & Commercial



Demolition & Excavation
excavation, demolition


*Excavation and Site Grading

*Small Structure Demolition

*Site Clearence

*Debris Removal

*Emergency & Disaster Clean-Up

*Selective Demolition



Sand & Gravel Services


*Concrete Sand

*Mason Sand

*River Rock

*Washed Fill Sand

*Fill Dirt

*Washed Gravel

*Well Packed Gravel


*Prices will Vary on Location

build road, sand, gravel

Why Choose Us?


*Located Throughout Central Oklahoma


*Ease of Doing Business


*Focused on the Individual Customer


*Building Long-Term Customer



*Responsive to Our Customers' Needs




*Over 20 years of Experience 


*Honest & Dependable


*Straight Forward Pricing


*No Gimmicks 


*Equipment & Resources to do the Job



 Contact Us 


Lets Get This Done

Call or Text 1-405-275-9068

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