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Michael's Dirty Deeds, in Central Oklahoma is a full service family owned and operated dirt work and bulldozer service. We specialize in home and building pad sites, pond (tank) builds and repairs, roads and driveways and every sort of land clearing  service out there. 

We have 20 years of experience in and around Central Oklahoma, and we’d love to have the chance to gain your business and show you why we’re the #1 dirt work and dozer service in Central Oklahoma.


Your #1 Dozer and Dirt Work Service

for Central Oklahoma

Lets Get Started..


*Build Ponds

*Expand Existing Ponds

*Clear Out & Rebuild Ponds

*Repair Dams


Dirt Work
Dirt Work

*Sewage Lagoons

*Clearing Brush & Trees

*Build Roads & Driveways

*Install Drainage Ditches

*Clear Fence Lines

House and Building Pads
building pad, house pad


*House Pad

*Shop or Barn Pad



Demolition & Excavation
excavation, demolition


*Excavation and Site Grading

*Small Structure Demolition

*Site Clearence

*Debris Removal

*Emergency & Disaster Clean-Up

*Selective Demolition



Sand & Gravel Services
build road, sand, gravel


*Concrete Sand

*Mason Sand

*River Rock

*Washed Fill Sand

*Fill Dirt

*Washed Gravel

*Well Packed Gravel


*Prices will Vary on Location

Why Choose Us?


*Located Throughout Central Oklahoma


*Ease of Doing Business


*Focused on the Individual Customer


*Building Long-Term Customer



*Responsive to Our Customers' Needs




*Over 20 years of Experience 


*Honest & Dependable


*Straight Forward Pricing


*No Gimmicks 


*Equipment & Resources to do the Job



 Contact Us 


Lets Get This Done

Call or Text 1-405-275-9068

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