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Heavy Duty Equipment

Having a wide variety of equipment is important. It means that we can do any job without having to contract it out or renting it. It saves you time and MONEY


Case Dozer 1150k


Serious muscle and efficiency is delivered from the six-cylinder, Case Family 4 Tier III-certified engine. Each track gets individual power delivered through beefy drive motors via the hydrostatic PowerStat drivetrain. And for optimum control and breakout force, the high-performance blade hydraulics feature large pump cylinders, while nearly any soil condition can be met with the adjustable blade pitch. This is a monster of a dozer ready for those big jobs other dozers just cant do. 


Case 580 M Extendahoe


With a name like "Case" how can you go wrong with the muscle and power you need for whatever job you need done. With TWO diffrent bucket sizes that comes in 16' and 24' can lift, pull, carry and even demolish. 

Peterbilt Dump Truck 17' Bed


The Peterbilt was designed to exceed the rigid demands of the construction site that require rugged durability and a wide range of optional content. With the size to fit in small constructions sites and the capability  to carry upwards of sixty thousand pounds there isnt any job this Peterbilt cant handle.


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