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John - Property Cleanup 2021

I just wanted to say a few words about Mike Williams and his wife Cheryl Williams. AKA Michael's Dirty Deeds. Everything was going as normal as it can be for me and my mother. My mother is in her 80's. And I am disabled. I take three diabetic shots a day. And mother is still doctoring on me daily. So together we do make it threw a day together. About 4 weeks ago the DEQ showed up on our property. She looked around for a few minutes then left. Was not long before we got a letter telling us to clean up a trash pile that was inside the tree line. Some of this trash was in this ditch when mother bought this place. The letter stated we could not bury it or burn it. We were in a tight spot for sure. Mother is on a fixed income. And I am no better off. I can't even walk without crutches. Well mother was scared to death. We called around and finally Mike said he would come and take a look. He came and looked. He called the DEQ on our behalf but got no place at all. Mike brought equipment and started work. With a big dozer he went right after it. I could tell my mother was relieved to have help here at last. He brought a dozer and a backhoe. We got 40 yard containers. Mike loaded as much as he could in them. On day 6 he filled the last container. I am lost for words. Why in the world does the DEQ jump on a 80 year old woman over trash that has been there for years. My mother could of never paid the bill for all the work that got done on our property. Thanks Mike & Cheryl. Me and mom will never forget you all. You either DEQ.

Jessup - House Pad

We would highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of dirt work. After hiring another local company, who badly damaged our property and did nothing we agreed on, we called Mike. He is upfront, knowledgeable, experienced, and honest! He came to give us a bid within the hour, fully explained what he would be doing, and had the job done in a couple of days (no easy job by the way). He did way more than he charged us for, that's for sure! We will use him for every job in the future. Thanks Mike and Brook for a job well done, and for restoring our faith in honest people.

P and L in Tribbey

 My Experience With Michael's Dirty Deeds (Tribbey OK) 


I am posting this because I am tired of all the hoop-la on Craigslist, and you can't get any one to answer your call or simply make a return call. This is simply our experience.

We purchased some property in Tribbey, OK. (Which no else considers worthy of their time.) We called MICHAEL'S DIRTY DEEDS. He answered the phone, came out to our site and spent two hours with us listening to what we wanted and helping us figure out best location to put our home. As things always change, he made two more trips and spent hours with us.

He answers his phone, or if not able, always returns a call. He showed up to do the job when he said he would, and worked closely with us to make sure we got what we wanted. Believe me, that wasn't always easy. He went above and beyond what we expected and turned what was once densely timber covered property into a beautiful home site.


Thanks Mike!! We appreciate your professionalism! P and L

Gonzales Family 2017

After the First Rain

My wife and I purchased our piece of land a few years ago with the dream of turning it into our ideal property.  This property was bare and without character, but we knew that it had potential. We started with the basics like fencing, grass, trees, etc. As we continued to spend every free moment we had working out there, our vision and plan began to take shape. My wife had figured out exactly where the house needed to be and I finally determined the best place for the shop. In addition to that, we knew that our dream property HAD to have a pond. With these decisions made we knew it was time to seek help from a professional. This is where Mike Williams enters the story. Mike came out to the property to meet with us and to discuss what we wanted and what options were available. It was during that meeting that Mike made a lasting impression on us both. Mike listened carefully as we told him what we were looking for. Many people may have tried to rush the conversation in order to get on with their day, but that was not the case here. He went to great lengths to not only answer the questions we had, but to also provide us with other items to consider. A short time later, we were on contract and going to work on making the next big step in our dream become a reality. Mike stayed in constant contact with us providing status updates and making sure we were in the loop.  As for the quality of work, you will NOT find better. Many contractors are more than happy to do the bare minimum then take the money and go. This was never the case with Mike. He went to great lengths to ensure we were happy with each phase of the project before proceeding to the next. We now have both a shop and house pad that are amazing as well as a 4.5 acre pond that is surely the envy of the county. Mike Williams and his dedication to TOP quality work at a fair price is the reason why we are now one large step closer to our dream. In addition to all of that, we now consider Mike a friend. We can only hope that our home builder has Mike’s commitment to quality.

Davis Family

                  Davis Shop Pad
 Little Davis Had a Ride of a Lifetime!
"We had a "prefered company by our homebuilder" come out to do our house pad, shop pad, and install a storm drain. We never thought it would become a nightmare! This gentleman didnt have the equipment to do the job and killed time just to charge us. We were devistated. We had already spent most of our set aside budget on NOTHING! We called 3-4 more companys to come out and give us estimates on the job. One man subed all his work out to other people, One men wanted to charge us double what was realistic and another man just wanted to sell us dirt ( We have 5 acres of dirt we didnt need to buy any) The last man to come out was Mike. We explained the situation and he looked everything over he said "you want it straight?" we knew that wasnt a good sign. The previous dozer company that came out only made Mikes job harder by leaving roots in the house and shop pad area AND the storm drain wasn't even buried or installed correctly.  He explained everything to us in a way we understood the issue. (We both work on the computer for a living not dirt) (we had no clue). Long story short Mike made everything RIGHT. The homebuilder came out and was surprised that the house pad was 1/2 inch from level even with all the rain, cars driving over it, and natural settling. Plus, Mike didnt over charge us and what we really loved was that he bid the job and did the job for just what his bid was. 
We have loved our experience with Mike so much that he will be back to our homesite to do more work for us!! 
Thank you, Sincerly
     The Davis Family
               Davis House Pad

The Price Family 2015 & 2016

We called Mike to come out and look at several things we were going to be needing at our property. He took time to explain in great detail what was going to be involved in each of our projects. It really helped us understand where our money was going and what to expect. Mike has built us a very nice road into our property and graveled the road. Then we had two building pads built. One for our home and the other for our shop. The price that he quoted was exactly what we  paid him when all the jobs were complete. Mike was very prompt to bring us a lien release, at that time we did not even know that we would need for the bank. In all Mike was very knowledgeable about every phase of all the projects that we were needing done. His pricing was very reasonable and affordable. Mike was the man that bid and did the work.


A Big Thanks to Mike at Michael'sDirty Deeds. I am sure in time he will be back to build us a pond.   


          - The Price Family

The Maples Family


We started our project a year ago using a gentleman that was a brother of a friend that we have known for over 30 years. He came to our property and I discussed exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the property to look when it was complete.

The property has been owned by our family for 75 years and the care of it is very important to us. On the 5 acres, we wanted some trees to be cleared, two house pads, a shop pad and countering for drainage. We met again and he explained he could do all the work and it would take approximately 4 week depending on the weather, he said that he couldn’t provide us with an exact bid to do the work because he wasn’t sure how many hours it would take him to do the work. We agreed to let him work on an hourly bases for a few days and see how much progress he would make. A few days later work began, his dozer seemed too small to do the work effectively, but he assured us that he had a lot of experience using it and he could do everything in a timely manner.

Work went well for the first few does, so we agreed on a price to complete everything. That’s when things started to fall apart! A week after we agreed on the price, his dozer broke down, than he got stuck and had to hire another dozer guy to pull him out. He started not showing up for weeks at a time, he was hard to get hold of and always had excuses. After 4 months, most of the trees were down and some leveling had begun, that’s when he started asking for more money. We met and I agree to pay him a little more money to finish the job. Two weeks later, I went by the land and he was gone. I my brother finally got hold of him and he said he was going to return to finish the job. We have not seen him since! At this point we were distraught and ready to give up. After about a month to reevaluate our situation, we decided to start looking for someone to finish the job, how hard could it be some work had already been done? We called serval companies and individuals to bid on our job, we met with three people to get bids and was told everything from we would have to brings in hundreds of loads of dirt, it would cast tens of thousands of dollars to complete the job to one man telling us he could do everything or anything we wanted as long as we would give him $5000.00 up front.


Being frustrated we stop our search.  A few month later we found Mike. He came to our land looked it over and said “whoever was out here before hasn't done you any favors”. Not a great way to start a relationship but at least it was honest. We walked the land as I explained what we wanted and expected! His first response was that he wished we would have contacted him from the start because we was going to have to redo a lot of the previous work and repair damage cause by the previous guy. But he wasn’t totally negative, he explained that we didn’t need dirt, we needed the dirt we had to be moved to the right locations that we should consider moving our shop to a better location for drainage (which happened to be where I wanted it, the previous dozer guy said we couldn’t put it there) and a good vision as to how we could get the best use of our land.

He told me that he wouldn’t take any money down and he would give me a bid and that would be it. We agreed on the bid and work had begun again. Shortly after work began Mike discovered that the other guy and dug shallow holes and buried trees, stumps and trash all over the land. When he called me to explain what he had found and how it would affect the land and building sites, I told him that was frustrated and mad.


His response was “don’t worry I’ll make it right”, AND HE DID! He spent several weeks “making things right”, even though we found many more problems, had equipment and fuel stolen multiple times. This week our builder looked at the pads and the land and said “it looks much better I thought it would”, and we are ready to go forward! Mike did what he said and even more than he said he would for the price we agreed upon. He is the consummate professional and we will recommend him to everyone we come in contact with!

Thank You!

The Maples 

Lykins Family 2016

I just want to say that Michael's Dirty Deeds just did some dozer work for my husband and I. I must say that we were blessed to find this man! He worked all day to make our property something that we will be able to enjoy. I was in awe once he was finished. It was much more beautiful than I expected. I feel that he has definitely been an angel sent to make our lives a little better. If you need work done, this is the man to do it. He won't let you down or disappoint you. You can see my pictures anytime. You will be amazed like I was! Thank you Michael!! We are so happy!

Before Picture
Thank you so much, Lykins family, for the review and the pictures!
After Picture

Reed Family 2016

My wife told me that we could move if we could have a pond, so I automatically jumped into action. It took awhile to find a place that met most of our needs and was in our price range. The place didn't have a pond so I began the process of researching to hire someone to complete the work. It can be a little overwhelming, I heard many stories of nightmares of dams breaking, or other types of pond failures from people and on the web. I was convinced that I needed to be very careful when hiring a dozer man. I ain't rich, but you really only get one chance to do it right and that is what I wanted. I spoke to several different people over the phone and honestly got even more concerned when they were promising things when they hadn't even seen the place. When I called Mike of Michael's Dirty Deeds, I would honestly say that he established trust with me immediately. Just talking to him over the phone made me feel more comfortable. When he came to the house and did the estimate, I was sold. He bid the job and that is what he did it for. He showed up when he said he would, completed the work when he said he would, and above all else did an outstanding job. He contacted me regularly while he was working just to make sure that I was happy with the work and how it was going and made recommendations to me based on his experience. What can I say, the entire experience was outstanding. I wouldn't hire anyone else EVER! If you are looking for someone to do a great job, look no further! There is nothing like a MAN OF HIS WORD! Thanks Mike! The biggest reason we moved was for my boys to have a pond they could fish in every day and you made that dream come true!

Combs Family 2016

Folks, I recommend Michael's Dirty Deeds and promise you superior service. From start to finish this man delivers quality work. We hired him to clear 1/4 mile fence line that was like an obstacle course of trees, inclines, and well a huge mess... Mike made it look AMAZING and from a former dozer operator I have never seen better finish work. This is the man for your next job. Attention to detail and goes above and beyond. Thank You for a tremendous job!

P. T.  2016

I called Mike out to look at a pond I had built 2 years ago.  My pond would not hold water.  It would fill up when it rained but it would not hold the water.  Mike came out and looked it over.  He had a lot of knowledge about ponds.  Come to find out that my pond dam was way too thin and small.  Mike completely rebuilt my pond dam and enlarged my pond.  Now my pond is much bigger and much nicer.  The top of my pond dam is 12 feet wide and my pond is now holding water and is FULL. It looks great! I would recommend Michael's Dirty Deeds to anyone needing pond work done.  While Mike was here I had him build a pad for a 30x40 shop.  He built my pad 40x50 and my concrete guy said it was as good as any pad he had poured on. Thanks! ~ P. T.

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