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House and Building Pads

One of the most important factors in getting a quality house pad is choosing a good, experienced grading operator or contractor. Michael's Dirty Deeds has the equipment, knowledge, and skills to build your home, shop, or barn pad paying close attention to getting proper compaction so your building can start on a firm foundation. We have laser leveling equipment to make sure your pad is level and ready to build on.  Contact us for your next project! 



*House Pads

*Shop or Barn Pads

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Ponds beautify your property and provide water for your livestock, wildlife, and a place for recreation with your family.  Michael's Dirty Deeds knows what it takes to build your quality pond.  We will look at water flow and build your dam accordingly.  Our operator understands that your pond dam needs proper compaction in order to hold water and to be structurally sound.  Contact us for all of your pond building or repair needs.



*Build Ponds

*Expand Existing Ponds

*Clear Out & Rebuild Ponds

*Repair Dams

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Bulldozer Work/ Dirt Work
Dozer Work

Michael's Dirty Deeds has OVER 20 years working with large equipment. You will be amazed with the results.  No job is too small with a powerhouse of a bulldozer that can take any tree down and an operator that has!

*Sewage Lagoons

*Clearing Brush & Trees

*Building Roads & Driveways

*Installing Drainage Ditches

*Clear Fence Lines




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Gravel & Sand 

At Michael's Dirty Deeds, we specialize in providing you with fast, personalized service for all your Gravel & Sand needs. We have a wide variety of sand and gravel options to suit many different construction projects. We can supply your needs in large quantities or for smaller projects. Many options available for any project including:



*Concrete Sand

*Mason Sand

*River Rock

*Washed Fill Sand

*Fill Dirt

*Washed Gravel

*Well Packed Gravel



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Demolition & Excavation
Exavaction & Demolition

At Michael's Dirty Deed's, Demolition & Excavation is only a part of what we do. With multiple pieces of heavy equipment and over 20 years experience "lets get this job done"! An old barn that needs demolished or a natural disaster gives way to a new home. You can trust that your needs and expectations are taken seriously. 



*Excavation and Site Grading

*Small Structure Demolition

*Site Clearance

*Debris Removal

*Emergency & Disaster Clean-Up

*Selective Demolition



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